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LAURIE LARSON: Artist's Mirage $10.00
LAURIE LARSON: Aquila $10.00
LAURIE LARSON: A Striking Resemblance $10.00

Listen to A Striking Resemblance here!

Every track has been played on the radio & over 650,000 copies of tracks from "A Striking Resemblance" have been distributed. "A Striking Resemblance" is featured now in the Relix Magazine CD Sampler and "1 Realm" is on the Acoustic Rainbow Sampler. The CD was recorded and mixed by Jim Brady in Tucson, Arizona. Jim Roberts mixed "Artist's Mirage Two" and played Hammond B3 on "Endless Thank You Loop"! Each song was written and arranged by Laurie Larson.

Special thanks to Erik at Bohemio Radio for being the first station to play Walk Me to the Window on the air!

Architect of Dreams by Laurie Larson

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